06 Jan

Organization Challenge

Have you been following along with Peter Walsh’s 31 Days to get Organized Challenge? He just started it yesterday and check out the link to his first challenge. It’s a simple ten minute task every day for 31 days to help get your home more organized. I know that’s something that I need help with in a big way!!!

And the first day was easier than I thought it would be because he started with laundry! Right up my alley since doing laundry is probably my favorite chore. The challenge yesterday was to fold any unfolded laundry and put it away for ten minutes. Since I didn’t have¬†any unfolded laundry to do because¬†I fold it right out of the dryer. But I did have a huge stack of folded stuff on top of my dryer to be put away so I took care of that fairly easily.

Today’s challenge was to remove all items from the master bedroom that don’t belong there and put them away. I had a cup on my bedside table, some allergy medication on my dresser, some clothes on the floor and then made the bed.

Lest you think I’m always this neat, I did a huge cleaning spree during Christmas week since I had guests over on Christmas Day. But I’ve managed to keep things somewhat tidy in the last two weeks and hopefully by working on these challenges, I’ll be able to keep on top of things a bit better.

Of course, if Peter has a craft room challenge, I might be screwed. All bets are off if that happens!


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